Is Tik-Tok Replaced by Hotshots after ban in India?


India has banned 59 chinese apps including Tik-Tok. Tik-Tok being the most popular amongst the 59 apps. This has affected the user base of tik-tok very adversely. Tik-Tok being one of the most popular apps because of its capability to Viral the Indian talent easily. Like, Tik-Tok now Gaana owned by Times Internet has launched another app based on the same platform. The app launched by Gaana known as HOTSHOTS might be the new altternative after Tik-Tok ban.

Hotshots launched by Gaana after Tik-Tok Ban

Tik-Tok ban adversely affected the users as it was the only suitable platform for them. Hence, Tik-Tokers demanded a new app for them. The Tik-Tok user base consisted of the creators from celebrities to the most lower class people. It was termed as a good platform for the lower class people to showcase their talents. But, Tik-Tok is such a platform where all classes of people was creating content which now has come to an end.

In order to overcome this and also taking the advantage of the tik-tok ban, Gaana took a step ahead by launching the app Hotshots. This app is similar to tik-tok as it is based on the same platform. Many influencers like Riyaz Alam, Avneet Kaur, Faisu got popular by Tik-Tok, now their is another platform for such people.

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Will Hotshots reach that mark after Tik-Tok ban?

looking towards the popularity of tik-tok and after its ban, it can be said that Hotshots being on the same platform will get very appreciating response. As, tik-tok has been banned now in India and there are various other platforms similar to tik-tok but Gaana launched the latest app in replacement of tik-tok. Hence, it can be possible that Hotshots might perform well. For more details related to this you can click on the link below.

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