New Cathode coating developed by Researchers to boost Lithium Ion battery life


There is a wide use of lithium batteries in electric cars, mobile phones and computers, etc. The coating used on the lithium batteries is same since the past 15 years. The coating used nowadays does not have very good results. As it does not support high temperatures when battery is used at high voltage. This badly effects the battery life. In order to overcome these aspects the U.S Department of Energy in collaboration with Hong Kong university of science and technology. They developed a new cathode coating for the lithium ion batteries to increase their life.

The coating being used since the past 15 years is LiCoO2 . The coating has to be done on some portions of the cathode. Thus, it does not cover the cathode entirely. Hence it cannot protect the cathode from high temperatures when operating at high voltages.

The coating used nowadays has a limitation that when the cathode has to be charged at high voltages. Then, it generates oxygen which reacts with the electrolyte creating an unwanted film leading to the energy loss in the battery.

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New Cathode Coating developed

Benefits of new cathode coating

A new type of coating developed to overcome this demerit. The newly developed coating comprises of poly(3,4ethylenedioxythiophene) PEDOT. The advantage of this coating is that it covers the entire cathode covering. Each particle of the cathode and protects from the reactivity with electrolyte. The newly developed coating has enough capability to overcome the generation of the unwanted layer by the oxidizing reaction. Hence, this coating is suitable for enhancement in the efficiency of the lithium ion batteries. The coating now developed will increase the performance and the safety of the batteries.

The poly(3,4ethylenedioxythiophene) coating can be very effective and useful. Thus, it should be treated as a suitable alternative for the existing lithium ion battery coating.

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